Sunday, 17 February 2013

TOIT, Bangalore

TOIT's always been on my Must-Visit List but after a lot of procrastination, I finally did go one fine Sunday at about the right time before the place got packed. In the process, I managed to click quite some pictures of the place in peace. So don't be surprised if you find that the pictures are exceed the write-up here! :D

Very spacious, Three storied with each floor having a charm of its own, I personally prefer the ground, right in front of the bar. This one's usually cool and cozy and it's got some funny and witty stuff hung around the walls. 

OUR LAGER (on the lines of 'OUR FATHER')

Oh, and there is an outdoor section adjacent to the AC one.

Not really been to the floor in the middle, but sure does look good with its fancy disco ball.

The top floor is much more accommodating for large groups. Again, both, an indoor and outdoor section exists.The outdoor is pretty bright with a bar in the centre and paintings around. 

Their RESTROOM has also got some interesting reads for both genders too, usually on the opposite sex :D

A look at the MENU...

Here's the food I had.. All ranging from Starters to the Main course and to the Desserts..


Roasted and shredded chicken, tossed with coloured peppers in a Balsamic dressing.


Batter-coated, deep fried Squid.The Calamari at Hard Rock Cafe is good, but this one is definitely better, coz it's cooked just right. A 5 on 5. Was so close to ordering a second plate ;)


Crumb fried chicken marinated in-house and served with piquant sauces. Worth a shot if you like crumb fried stuff.


Seafood lovers would devour this in no time. Prawns, fried and served with the right garnish.


Available for a limited time. The thin pickled sausages on the bottom left were to die for. Reminded me of them Goan pork sausages! The rest of the platter were just so-so.


Home-made nachos topped with cream cheese and salsa.


Mildly spiced rolls of beef mince stuffed with olives. A must try!


Crisp bacon on the outside, juicy chicken, almonds and cheese on the inside. Enough said to bring any meat lover drool!


One delicious kheema pizza, especially when I'm not a totally big fan of kheema in my pizza. The jalapenos go wonderfully well with the meat and the base is also well prepared.


A huge beef steak served with mashed potatoes and veggies.

Moving on to the drinks, there was a micro-brewery present in house. And they had some pretty interesting flavours and some awesome beer.

If you cant make up your mind on which beer to have, there's a sampler with 4 beers available on the menu.

The ones I did taste are mentioned below with pics:

A hint of clove and a fleeting note of banana. Typical German wheat beer. A spicy, fruity and refreshing wheat-based ale. A Perfect blend for tasty beer. Very refreshing and definitely one of the best beers I've tasted.

TOIT suggests:
Food Pairing: Grilled fish & glazed chicken steak.
ABV: 4.3 - 5.6%

Aptly named so. Roasted coffee and rich chocolate stout. Dark, full-bodied, malty ale with a silky smooth texture from oats. This beer deserves a 5 on 5 for being the BEST beer I have ever tasted.

Unfortunately, in the next 4 visits that I'd made to TOIT, this beer was NEVER available! :/

TOIT suggests:

Food Pairing: Chocolate cake, Lamb pie
ABV: 4.2 - 5.9%

Other choices of freshly brewed beer: Toit's Basmati Blonde, Tintin Toit, Toit Red, Colonial Toit



Like the name says it all, this one was chocolicious with Baileys and Hazelnut!

Apparently, this place wants to promote Group Drinking and so they serve their pitchers of cocktail with plentiful straws in one!



Loved this one.. Intoxicating! ;) You'll love this only if you are a fan of drinks like Dr Pepper, cough syrups, Cherry flavour and the likes :D

Also, though I forgot to click a picture of it, the Mallu Cocktail was surprisingly pretty good. Tender coconut and Vodka with watermelon, this drink was a refreshing change from the usual.

We were so stuffed with food and drinks that there was absolutely no room for dessert. But just one look at the dessert menu and I knew I couldn't leave the place without trying one of their best. So I had it parcelled :D


Rich, dark chocolate layer cake served flambéed for a dramatic end to a signature meal. However, I was quite disappointed to find that it wasn't really upto the mark. Now I don't really know if it would have been a different story had I tried it out at TOIT instead of having it at home later at night, many hours after leaving the place. So maybe, I will just give the desserts another chance the next time I visit.

Ah, a dessert from my next visit:


A classic French frozen dessert; Rich cream folded with eggs and sugar, laced with crunchy walnuts.

After quite a few visits now, I can safely still say that I would head back here again and again and again! :) After all, there's still the tons of desserts and cocktails I hafta still try! :D Loved the place for its ambience and creativity!

On a scale of 5, I would give:

Ambience: 4.5 
Service: 4.5 
Food: 4 
Drinks: 5 
Money's worth: 4
Price Range: 2500 (Meal for 2) 


298, 100 Ft Rd, 
Indira Nagar II Stage, 
Bengaluru 560038 


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